martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

PUNCHINELLO Crossway Books / Charcoal+ color Pencils over Vellum

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  1. Le illustrazioni per questi libri sono bellissime! e mi hanno fatto conoscere il suo lavoro che adesso seguo sempre.
    sono molto felice per i suoi complimenti sul mio blog. grazie

  2. Your illustrations from You Are Special are some of my very favorites! Would you consider posting some of the originals on your blog?
    Thank you for your inspiring work!

  3. Dear Sergio. I just saw the short film 'you are special' that is based on your illustrations. I have to say that you've done an excellent job. I really like your approach and your style is very harmonious and appealing.
    Gracias por darle a el mundo algo tan bella de usted. Un gran saludo desde Canada.
    Mario Andres Ruiz